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Steelers. A fan since I was born, I grew up watching with my parents, my Babcia and my Dziadzia at their home in Oil City, PA. When my son was born, a few days later the Steelers won Super Bowl XL. I have video of him in a swing in front of the television while the game was being played. So he brought one for the thumb. When my daughter was born, that year the Steelers won Super Bowl XLIII. I think I should contact the Rooney family and let them know, maybe they will subsidize a third child? Heh.

Penguins. When I lived in Charlotte, N.C. for a little over a year, I used to drive all the way to Pittsburgh to watch a home game, go to the Souper Bowl afterwards for some dinner with friends and fans, and then drive back right after. All told I did this about five times and the round trip including the game and dinner was about 21 hours.